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If you are nervous about a visit to the dentist and you feel it is an ordeal, we have the answer for you. We offer Intravenous Sedation Therapy which means you will feel relaxed and calm for your treatment. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for all our patients.

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We provide orthodontic treatment for children and adults using the most advanced techniques available. Our aim is to identify your needs and make your treatment as comfortable as possible. You can choose appliances that are either metal or ceramic (clear). Treatment usually takes place over an 18 month period but with early intervention it could take just 6 months!

The cost of treatment varies depending on your needs, ranging from €2,300 to €4000. We will discuss this with you at your first appointment and can propose a payment plan to suit you. Orthodontic treatment is tax deductable.

Fixed Ceramic Braces
Fixed Metal Bracket Braces
Fixed Ceramic Braces
Fixed Metal Bracket Braces
Sedation and Orthodontics
Summer Offer
Fixed Braces
for just €2950
€295 per month
Single Tooth Replacement
with Implant